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The U.P.C. is today's most widely recognized barcode. It can be seen in every facet of the Supply Chain - from Retailers to Wholesalers to Manufacturers to Distributors.

Driving these Systems are comprehensive lists of U.P.C.'s and related Product Information (AKA U.P.C. Data or Electronic Product Catalogs).

Today, you can find U.P.C. Data most everywhere, ranging from simple "user supported" Web Sites and Sponsored Data Libraries - at No Charge - to fully attributed Item Databases designed for truly Commercial Use with easily "justifiable" Prices.

Which is all well and good, but what if your needs are not so conventional?

The Challenges:

Emerging Health and Environmental Applications, Enhanced E-Commerce Storefronts, Industry Specific Requirements, Governmental Regulations, and Wellness Systems, to name a few

The Solution - Specialized Grocery Data:

For the past fifteen years, we have been building (and continually updating) a seven hundred fifty thousand record, fully attributed, Item Database for the Grocery Industry.

Using this Data as a Base, we have isolated and extracted highly specialized and targeted Data, for Applications, such as:

WIC NATIONAL U.P.C. DATABASE SYSTEM - Complete listings of WIC Approved Packaged Foods (with U.P.C.) and Perishable Produce (with PLU), by State and Territory

SNAP DATA - Complete listings of SNAP Approved Foods (Breads and Cereals, Fruits and Vegetables, Meats / Fish / Poultry, and Dairy), by U.P.C. and by GS1 Prefix

NATIONAL ALCOHOL BEVERAGE CONTROL ASSOCIATION - Complete listings of NABCA Approved Spirits (Liquor, Cordials, etc.), by State, including Type and ABV

SALES TAX RATES and TAXABILITY - For Grocery Delivery Services, State and Local Sales Tax Rates coupled to the Current Sales Taxability Matrix (Taxation Status)

GLUTEN FREE FOODS - Complete listings of Food Items absent Gluten (Wheat, Barley, etc.), based on both Front of Package Label Claims and Ingredient Analysis

KOSHER FOOD and WINE - Complete listings of Kosher Food and Wine Items, including Hechsher (Product Certification and Agency) and Mevushal Status (for Wine)

NON-GMO FOODS - Complete listings of Food Items absent (potentially) Genetically Modified Ingredients (Soy, Corn, etc.), based on both Front of Package Label Claims and Ingredient Analysis

U.P.C. - SR28 INTERFACE - Complete list of matching Packaged and Perishable Items - by U.P.C. - to the USDA National Nutrient Database for Standard Reference

RECYCLING SUPPORT - Complete listings of Beverage Items, by Category (Soda, Water, Juice, etc.) with Container Size and Material, per State Bottle Bill Regulations

NACS C-STORE DATA - Complete listings of Convenience Store Items (Food, Snacks and Sodas, etc.) with the National Association of Convenience Stores Category Definitions - Version 7.1

AFFORDABLE CARE ACT NUTRITION LABEL DATA - FDA Nutrition Fact Panel Information for both Perishable and Prepared Foods, for C-Stores and Grocery Stores, as required by provisions within "Obamacare"

FOOD RATING SUPPORT - Custom Database Creation, based on either current Food Rating Systems and Endorsement Guidelines (American Heart Association, Guiding Stars, Nuval, etc.), or Client Selected Criteria (Calories, Fat, Carbs, Protein, etc.)

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